Alex Saavedra has over 35 years of criminal, civil, and regulatory investigative experience. 

Alex Saavedra is a Licensed Private Investigator, Licensed Bounty Hunter, and Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist with proven experience in the field. Alex was a Commissioned New Jersey State Detective whose experience included Deputy Chief, New Jersey State Detectives, Supervising Detective Sergeant, First Grade, and Certified Police Instructor: New Jersey State Police Training Commission over a 12 year period.

He has completed numerous specialized training courses and has received many awards such as the Law Enforcement Silver Life Member Award - Exceptional Duty Medal, New York/New Jersey Policeman of the Month, and various Certificates of Commendation throughout his extensive career. Alex is also fluent in Spanish and conversant in Italian.

Saavedra & Associates is a Private Investigation and Analysis Firm that offers a wide range of litigation support and investigative services. Our team is highly trained and skilled offering complete, accurate, and timely information. We have an extensive background in law enforcement and are thorough and discreet.

Whether you are a lawyer, a bank or a private citizen in need of investigation services,
Saavedra & Associates can help. Contact us today.