Saavedra & Associates

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Whether you need information for a divorce, a missing person, or business fraud, our firm is here to help. 

We have an extensive background in law enforcement ranging from domestic issues to international terrorism, we have the credibility and experience to provide you with complete, accurate, timely information. We offer thorough and discreet investigative services.

Litigation Support, Witness Location, & Asset Identification

Our firm is complimented by appropriate technical resource specialists, forensic accountants and investigative professionals.

Corporate Investigations

Whether it requires a simple fact-finding inquiry or an in-depth investigation, our firm will help to identify the proper routes to mitigate your problem and rectify the damage.


On the occasion that your inquiry requires surveillance as a means of documenting the alleged wrongdoing our investigative professionals are ready to conduct that surveillance in a precise and discreet manner in any location.


When the work you need requires information that is more technologically or financially scientific, our firm offers a fleet of computer and accounting forensic experts to fulfill that need.