5 Reasons An Attorney Should Always Have A Private Investigator on Speed Dial


It is another typical day at your law firm. You have a new client that wants a divorce because she suspects her spouse of infidelity. You also have another case where all reasonable witnesses have somehow disappeared into thin air, and to top it off, you have a settlement case where you suspect one of the parties of hiding assets. 

Your table is full, and now you also have to do a bunch of digging to get the additional information you need for your arguments. Before you work yourself to a burning point, there is a simple solution, you can get a private investigator to do the leg work for you. 

Here are five reasons why a private investigator would make your life as an attorney much easier. 

1. Locating and Interviewing Witnesses

Witnesses are very important to a case. They can destroy your case or make it rock solid, but what do you do when your witnesses are MIA? Some private investigators, such as Saavedra & Associates, have prior experience with law enforcement, so they know just how to find those witnesses that continue to allude you, and because many have police backgrounds they are also skilled in tactfully interviewing witnesses when required. This is even more important when you consider that private investigators will have become more conversant with the facts during the course of their investigation. 

2. Subpoena Service (Process Servicing)
Sometimes people have a terrible habit of evading subpoenas. Your witnesses can’t come to court if you don’t serve them, but you’re an attorney and you can’t chase people all over the place to locate them. Have no fear, with one phone call you can easily outsource this task to a private detective who has the skills and resources needed to locate people quickly and effectively. Investigators can also assist with document retrieval and offer various types of investigation such as skip trace and surveillance to complete the job.

3. Carrying out Background Checks  
In many cases, you may need to carry out background checks on a person of interest. This is especially important when evidence of past wrongdoings can help build up your case. A private investigator can help you get that court admissible proof you need to win your case quickly and efficiently.

4. Finding Information about Spousal Infidelity
Your divorce case is in the trash if you don’t have evidence of spousal infidelity. You can’t simply ask the suspected spouse if he or she is cheating and expect them to break down and confess. If you are not up for trailing them throughout the town, you can easily get a private investigator to find out what’s really going on. Private investigators have skills and resources to get the information you need and they also know how to analyze social media profiles for traces of infidelity and wrongdoing, giving you more time to prepare your case. 

5. Asset Identification
Some cases may also require the location of hidden assets. Discovering these hidden assets takes a lot of time and legwork. You would have to scour public records for information and even then, the information may not be readily available. In extreme cases, you may also need to follow the person in question to locate the hidden assets. Unless you want to sit in your car all day you can get an expert private investigator to help uncover the hidden assets for you. 

With a Private Investigator on call your life as an Attorney becomes much easier.

While the detective gets all the required information, you can focus on the most important thing – building a solid case.

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