How Professional Surveillance Can Help A Defendants Personal Injury Case


During high-value personal injury claims cases, defendant's attorneys may hire private investigators to film the person making the claim. The potential evidence captured on video may prove the claimant in the case has been exaggerating the extent of their injuries, resulting in the defendant's compensation liability being reduced, or eliminated altogether.

According to a recent study released, it is estimated that claim "build-up" and fraud add from $5.6 billion to $7.7 billion in excess payments for auto injury claims paid out in the U.S. each year. This doesn't account for fraud related to other personal injury accidents, such as slip and falls, premises liability cases etc.

Due to this shocking amount of fraud and build-up in personal injury cases, you may be interested in taking the route other attorneys have and utilize the services of private investigators. With the surveillance abilities and equipment used by PIs, reducing cases of fraud is possible in personal injury cases.

Capturing Video of the Scene of the Accident

You may automatically think the only way to prove fraud in a personal injury case is by diligently filming the accident victim, in the hopes they will "slip" and show their injury isn't as bad as they claim. However, private investigators know there is much more to surveillance than that.

One of the first things they will do is go to the scene of the accident, regardless whether it is a busy highway or retail store, to capture video evidence. This may show issues left undisclosed by the injured party, such as warning signs, indications of an accident hazard and other information.

Videoing the Plaintiff

Part of surveillance in a personal injury case is going to involve taping the plaintiff in the case. For example, if they claim to have a back injury, but are seen running, lifting something large or heavy, or participating in other strenuous activities, it is solid proof they are not as injured as they have claimed.

Also, thanks to innovative technology, many private investigators will also turn to social media to see what their subject is up to. The fact is, seemingly innocent posts and pictures posted on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms can be incriminating and show a person isn't seriously injured.

Indisputable Proof

The surveillance videos and images captured by a private investigator provide undeniable proof of a plaintiff's injuries, or lack thereof. This can serve as invaluable evidence in a personal injury case.

If you are working to reduce the liability of your client in a personal injury case, using the services of a private investigator and their surveillance abilities can be invaluable.

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