Information Is Power: 5 Apps Recommended by Private Investigators

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In the technologically advanced world of today, information is definitely power. For lawyers, businesses and individuals looking for information on another party, hiring a private investigator is a must. Most of the private investigators out there use modern technology when on a stakeout. The following are just some of the apps private investigators may use in the line of duty.

1. The Vault App

Keeping confidential materials protected is easy with the Vault app. With this app, private investigators are able to lock the data on their phones from intruders. Investigators use this program because it makes safeguarding the sensitive information on their devices easy and effective. If someone does try to access the information on a phone, this app will snap a picture of the person.

2. Evernote

On most stakeouts, a private investigator will need to take a variety of notes. With the Evernote app, keeping notes organized will be easy and this program allows you to both capture and share notes right from your phone.

3. The Document Scanner App

For private investigators looking for a way to scan copies of documents on the go, the document scanner app is ideal. This app allows you to scan a document from your phone. Once the document has been scanned, it will be stored in your phone as a PDF. You can also easily upload the files you scan into Good Docs, Dropbox and Evernote.

4. The Waze App

When on a stakeout, a private investigator will usually find themselves in some unfamiliar areas. Instead of getting lost, a PI can use the Waze app to help them navigate. This app leverages user-reported data and can also tell a PI information about traffic congestion and weather conditions. Neglecting to have a powerful navigation app like this can lead a private investigator into a compromising position.

5. The Hidden Camera Detector App

Staying alert and being aware of their surroundings are things a private investigator must do to be successful at their job. Remaining undetected is a key part of obtaining information while on a stakeout. With the Hidden Camera Detector app, a PI can get alerts about any hidden cameras in close proximity.


While apps are fun and sometimes helpful, the team at Saavedra & Associates rely on their highly trained team and unmatched resources to provide their clients with the information they are seeking. Contact us today for more information on how we can help with your investigative need.