Get the Facts You Need for Your Family Law Case - Quick

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Each year, there are over 875,000 divorces in the United States. The dissolution of a marriage is never an easy thing and can cause great stress for everyone involved, especially when things like custody of the children and assets are entered into the equation. Working with a Private Investigator can help take some of the stress out of the process. Through thorough and discreet investigation, a Private Investigator can get the facts you need to win your case quickly and efficiently. 

Finding Out About Spousal Infidelity

Statistics show that nearly 15 percent of all divorces are caused by infidelity. While dealing with this infidelity can be heartbreaking, facing it head-on will help you move forward. Often times, infidelity is one of the factors that a judge will consider when deciding whether or not alimony will be awarded.

How a Private Investigator Can Help

If you suspect that your spouse is being unfaithful, getting the help of a Private Investigator should be your next move. An experienced investigator will be able to use surveillance techniques including digital tactics to find out what your spouse is really up to. If evidence of infidelity is found, it can be used in court.

Gathering Information to Use in a Custody Battle

When it comes to child custody hearings, emotions can run high. If you suspect your former spouse is engaged in activity that may endanger your children, you will need proof to back up these claims. Without this proof, your claims will basically be viewed as hearsay.

A Private Investigator Can Help You Gather Specific Evidence

Working with a Private Investigator is essential in cases involving child custody. An investigator can find out about and document any activities your former spouse may be involved in that could be harmful to your children. This evidence can then be used to show that your spouse is an unfit parent, awarding you the custody outcome you desire and most importantly the one which will keep your children the safest.

Uncovering Hidden Assets

If you are seeking child support and alimony in your divorce, you need to make sure your former spouse isn't hiding their assets. Successfully hiding these assets will allow your spouse to avoid paying the alimony and child support they should rightfully owe.

Let a Private Investigator Help Shed Light on Hidden Assets

Hiring a Private Investigator is a great way to provide the judge in your case with evidence of hidden assets. Private Investigators will be able to find documentation on these assets, as well as produce pictures of them if needed.

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