Litigation Support, Witness Location,
Asset Identification, Process Service

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We are frequently called upon to assist in the preparation of lawsuits and arbitration matters.

Our expert team is skilled in:

  • Full field investigations related to civil claims and criminal cases

  • Locating and Interviewing Witnesses/Witness Assessment (*Bilingual)

  • Preparing Written and Oral Statements

  • Assisting in the evaluation of liability and injury

  • Securing interrogatories

  • Recovering and imaging of computer files and emails

  • Asset identification

Process Service

Saavedra & Associates is a trusted partner for all of your Process Servicing needs. Our reliable process servers will deliver (serve) your legal documents to individuals involved in your court case efficiently and effectively. We can also assist with document retrieval and offer various types of investigation such as skip trace, people location, and surveillance. Call for a service quote today.

  • Effective Subpoena Service

  • Reliable Courier Service

Other Attorney Services Include (but are not limited to):

  • Photographic Evidence: Video and PowerPoint Presentations Expertly Prepared

  • Assess and Opine upon Criminal Investigations

  • Assist in Criminal and Quasi Criminal Defense Planning

  • Expert Testimony in areas of Child Abuse, Sexual Assault, Burns, Financial Crime, Elder Financial Abuse

  • Matrimonial, Family Law Litigation Support: Child Custody, Spousal Infidelity

  • Asset Disclosure: e.g.: Real Estate and Business Interest/Affiliations

  • Field Investigations Related to Civil Claims (Plaintiff and Respondent).

  • Business Risk Mitigation

  • Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD): Source of Funds, Watch List Screening

  • Security Planning: Employee Theft of Money, Time, Company Property and Information

  • ACAMS Certified: Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists

  • Forensic Research and Certified Financial Audits

  • Alcoholic Beverage Control Licensing Issues

Our firm is complimented by the appropriate technical resource specialists, forensic accountants, and investigative professionals to valuate businesses, calculate damages and trace the source of the allocation of funds as required.