Did You Know?... Private Investigators Do More Than Just Old School Surveillance

Private Investigator

When you hear the term "PI" you might think of old fashioned sleuth movies with mysterious female clients, shadowy offices, and trench coats. But as you can imagine, that’s not an accurate representation of what a Private Investigator (or Private Detective) in the 21st Century is like.

For instance, did you know that:

  • Private Investigators are often key contributors to legal cases. They can assist lawyers with tasks such as witness location and interviewing, execution of full field investigations related to civil claims and criminal cases, and asset identification (for reasons such as collecting debt, helping executors locate a deceased individual’s assets, identifying hidden assets for a divorce proceeding, or understanding a business' assets for a litigation involving financial issues).

  • They are often former law enforcement officers and police detectives. This means that they have years of investigative experience in the field, and have acquired proven techniques that can be adapted for investigation and information gathering as a Private Investigator.

  • Technology has played a huge role in how Private Investigation has evolved as well. Many Private Investigators, such as Saavedra & Associates, specialize in Computer Forensics, with the ability to recover and analyze data found on computer networks and hard drives or conduct vulnerability assessments of security networks to help network administrators evaluate the defense of a network against possible vulnerabilities and threats.

  • Investigative firms may also specialize in Forensic Accounting (aka Investigative Accounting) to uncover evidence of deceptive financial transactions, investigate possible instances of fraud against employees, customers or suppliers, or help lawyers obtain estimates of losses, damages and assets related to specific legal cases.

  • Though Private Investigators do provide surveillance such as investigating spousal infidelity, they are also able to assist businesses and corporations with identifying employee issues including employee dishonesty, theft of property, allegations of sexual harassment and/or discrimination, insurance claims investigations, and much more.

Each investigation is tailored to the needs of the client. So, it’s important to let the Private Investigator know exactly what your requirements and timeframe are so they can discuss the best course of action for you. If you are in need of a Licensed Private Investigator, no matter what the situation, contact Saavedra & Associates to see how we can help you today.