Why Private Investigators Make The Best Process Servers

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One of the first lessons that legal professionals learn in their career is that people don't like courtrooms. In fact, this distaste can become outright disgust if they're facing a lawsuit, divorce or another civil case. This is why process servers are needed to serve papers to individuals who are trying to avoid court. There are a variety of options - including local police - when choosing someone to serve court documents. In most cases though, a private investigator will be your best choice for process serving.

Experience in Tracking People Down

One of a private investigator's main tasks is to track down assets. This could include anything from documents and property to actual human beings. This is how they make their living so they have to be good at it. Oftentimes, when someone is expecting to be served they decide to make a hasty retreat and it seems impossible to even get in contact with them.

Fortunately, private investigators have a long history of tracking down individuals who don't want to be found, and using proven techniques acquired through years of experience they can serve them quickly and efficiently.

Ability to Blend In

Another way private investigator skills are best suited for this job is the art of being inconspicuous. When tailing someone in an effort to locate and serve them, they have to avoid drawing attention to themselves or the subject might get spooked and disappear again.

This is essential in a process serving scenario because the target of the service will likely never even notice the investigator until they moment they are served. In some instances, an investigator can even use a disguise to fool the person!

Improved Knowledge and Service

While it's a little scary to imagine, a recent survey found that professionals who handle process serving frequently - such as private investigators - are both more knowledgeable and provide better customer service than local sheriffs.

In reality, though, this shouldn't reflect negatively on police officers. While they may be hired to serve court papers, it's important to remember that they also have to investigate cases and respond to emergency calls. They're out there saving lives, so it makes sense that serving papers for a civil case might not be a high priority for them. Luckily, private investigators don't face these same issues and are happy to help get the job done.

The Only Choice

When it comes down to it, most people would be hard pressed to find a process server more skilled for the job than a private investigator. Their experience makes them the ideal choice, and when they come from former law enforcement careers, such as many of the folks at Saavedra & Associates, they're more than capable of handling any tense situations that may arise.

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